"Bliss", after Bill Gates, 2006

Photography on baryta paper
30 x 40 cm

12 EX + 3 EA


In 2001, Microsoft starts the exploitation’s system « Windows xp », which will be sold to more than 210 millions users.

The wallpaper by defect of « Windows xp » is called « bliss ».

It is a color photography which represents a green hill, and a blue sky blurred by some little white clouds.

A local rumour said that this picture would have been photographed in Switzerland, In the Valley of Joux, next to the « Esserts de Rive » (a little village at 7 kilometers from my home) by Bill Gates himself, who came here in order to visit a prestigious Swiss Watch Manufacture.

This wallpaper, seen by more than 200 millions users every day, is a kind of « souvenir picture » of the richest man of the world, representing a place of my familiar environment.